Learning Labs { launches June }

List Building Mojo { click to read more } +

In this lab you will start building your email marketing list. This is one of the most important pieces of lead generation – when you’re starting to build your empire, this is a MUST HAVE! Learn how to choose the right mailing list platform for your business – there are several out there and I’ll help you make the right decision.

You’ll also learn how to set up your very first mailing list – and more importantly – get people subscribing! Set up automated messages encourage new subscribers towards your marketing funnel. Build and customize email campaigns for specific projects + launches. You’ll even learn how to embed a signup form onto your Facebook page so you can build your list from there!

Empire Building w/ WordPress { click to read more } +

Learn how to build your sales funnel pages so that you can automate your money making business.

Wanna save thousands of dollars on web work? I thought so. When you’re just starting your business it doesn’t make sense to spend piles of money on an overpriced web designer. In one single lab I will teach you how to setup a basic WordPress site in five minutes. Five minutes! You’ll learn how to add text, photos, videos and even fancify basic WordPress themes so they look polished + professional. We’ll cover clever plug ins, post-organizing strategies, and how to tag and categorize your posts. And I won’t leave you high and dry when WordPress updates come out or SEO policies change – I’ll teach you how to add pages and blog posts to keep your site updated and optimized for search engines like Google.

Online Money Making Secrets { click to read more } +

Making money doesn’t have to be hard. This lab shows you exactly how to set up your website so you can make money while you sleep. (Or shop or do the laundry or eat pizza.)

It can be as simple as adding an online shop to your WordPress site!

I’ll help you offer your customers LOTS of payment options so buying is easy. We’ll cover PayPal, credit cards, monthly payment plans, and beyond. I promise, we can make your online transactions are super-safe + secure – I’ll even teach you how to turn your smartphone into a money-making, credit-card swiping machine!

Walk Your Talk, Teach A Class { click to read more } +

Have you been dreaming of teaching your own class? In this lab, you’ll learn how to plan your very first webinar or teleseminar. You’ll learn how to create killer presentations for your online classes (including slide-shows + videos!), organizing class materials, and keeping students plugged in + happy.

If telecalls are more your thing, you can record phone classes + distribute the audio to your students after. We’ll also cover getting people to your class and marketing + promoting your classes like a pro.

Promotional Partners + Prosperity Pals { click to read more } +

Having partners to market your product for you will increase your sales as tap into a market that may not be familiar with your brand. In this lab, I’ve created templates and swipe files for you to keep your affiliates happy, empowered + ready to promote your work.

If you’re keen for even more opportunities to make money while you sleep, you need to know about affiliate programs. Learn how to send gratitude-cash to people who refer clients + customers to you. Automatically.

I’ll help you choose the right affiliate platform for your business and how to invite friends, colleagues + past clients to join your affiliate program. Having partners to market your product for you will increase your sales as tap into a market that may not be familiar with your brand.

Not sure what images and information you need to share with affiliates? Don’t worry! I’ve created templates and swipe files for you to keep your affiliates happy, empowered + ready to promote your work. You’ll also learn about creating promotional tips, tweetables, and badges so your affiliates will have piles of gorgeous, helpful, income-generating stuff to choose from.

Launch, Baby, Launch { click to read more } +

A successful launch can can push your income into the 6-figure bracket. And above! In this lab, you’ll learn how to plan + implement your very first product launch — absolutely everything.

In this lab, you’ll learn how to plan + implement your very first product launch — from the back-end techie logistics, right down to your sales page + marketing calendar (whoo-hoo!). You’ll learn how to set up a super-fancy sales page (with different pricing levels + payment options!), rev up your readers + fans with strategic pre-launch emails, and how to avoid overwhelming people with too much information! We’ll talk about delegating tasks to your in-house team or contractors and keep things moving smoothly, right up to Launch Day!

Inner Circles, Secret Societies, & Membership Sites { click to read more } +

After your launch, you’ll need a private, members-only online space to share your product with your sold-out community. We’ll talk about creating password-protected, top-secret websites or forums for your customers. I’ll teach you how to upload special products + content to a protected server that only they can access, set up + automate monthly membership billing, and even run a private discussion group. You want to keep the conversation flowing!

Social Media Snazzery + Creative Suprises { click to read more } +

What’s the point of building something awesome if nobody knows about it? We’ll cover all the different ways you can promote your products through social media. I’ll teach you how to run a super-fun (and visibility-boosting) social media contest, ways to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram + LinkedIn in creative + unexpected ways, and how to keep your fans engaged + tuned in. We’ll also talk about creating healthy boundaries + automated systems around your social media time, to keep you focused on the activities that bring you money + high-quality attention.

Get Noticed. Get Fancy. Get Famous. { click to read more } +

You’re awesome in real life, now we’re going to make sure your online presence reflects that.

You’ll learn how to put the finishing touches on your website + social media pages and create an online presence that POPS with professionalism. We’ll talk pitching yourself to local + national media and bloggers + online magazines. Want to discover + enter little-known industry contests — and WIN? Thought so. We’ll also talk about building industry credibility (and saving the world!) through charity work + philanthropic projects. And since all this greatness is pretty time consuming, we’ll wrap up with how you can delegate PR + promotional tasks to your virtual assistant or team — so you can focus on the visionary wizardry you do best.